Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Maine Man

John Maine proved once again why that trade Omar made, giving up Benson for Maine and Julio, has to be the biggest coup in the last 5 years. OK maybe the third biggest (Kazmir for Zambrano is #1, Nady for Hernandez and Oliver Perez a close #2). He shut down the Twins last night, lowering his ERA to 2.90, good for 6th in the NL and 9th in all of MLB. That's damn good for someone who was only considered to be a throw in in the Nady trade.

Delgado's bat showed some life last night but I'm still not convinced that he's on his way to snapping out of his slump. He went 2-4 with a homer and got robbed of a hit by left fielder Jason Kubel who looked like he ran from like Jersey City all the way to Times Square to make a diving catch by the foul line. He covered a ton of ground. I can't even front, that was a hell of a catch.

The Mets bats were all alive last night, racking up 15 hits and 8 runs. Back to normal I hope.

So the Mets win but let's face it folks, they were supposed to win last night. Show me something tonight against Johan Santana and I'll give 'em some props. Game recap here for anyone who missed it. Holla back.

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