Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gomez the Anti-Milledge???

Came across a blog piece over at the Staten Island Advocate which states how Carlos Gomez is the anti-Lastings Milledge.

Hmmm not sure how I feel about this one. Has Go Go Gomez capitalized on his time in the Majors? I think so. Did Milledge? Probably not as much as he would have liked but his time in the Bigs last year showed him what he needed to do to be a big-leaguer. Plus people forget, Edge is ONLY 22. I was more than encouraged by the steps he took in the offseason to change his image and fit with the team (rap-lyrics not included). Plus he was smoking the cover off the ball in the preseason which is a great sign.

And remember, it took injuries to both corner outfielders and to Milledge himself for Gomez to even get a look. He plays significant time because Chavez and Alou are both out. Lasto made the team out of spring training but never had the opportunity to play because everyone was healthy. How can you capitalize without getting a chance?

So while I don't entirely disagree with the blog writer, I think labeling the kid as the anti-Milledge is a bit unfair to Lastings. It implies that Milledge did something wrong and I'm one of the few who believes Milledge is getting a bad rap (pun intended) from many fans for reasons I may discuss at a later time.

But anyway, I love Gomez, I love Milledge, and I hope both can stick with the team. Question is, if Fernando Martinez turns out to be the truth, who gets bumped out?

It's a great position to be in if you're a Mets fan, I tell you that. Holla back.


GaryG said...

Milledge will get plenty of time in Shea this year if he can get healthy.

MetsGrrl said...

I wonder what would happen if any of the baseball writers spoke Spanish, and bothered to translate the reggaeton songs Jose Jose is guesting on.

(I'm actually kind of appalled to think that none of them do speak Spanish fluently; it would be the first skill I'd make sure I had if I was covering the MLB today)

It's like the memo went out that We Don't Want Milledge On Our Mets and let's write everything we can to reinforce this in the minds of the fans.

I witnessed a much different Lastings Milledge down at Spring training. And heard stories from people who work at PSL that backed it up.

And if Fernando Martinez *does* turn out to be the truth - you know what? Let's get to that bridge. It'd be a nice place to be for a change, no? :)

MetsBrotha said...

I hear ya MetsGrrl, those are some good points you made. I too saw a different Milledge and can't wait to see what he can bring to the table.