Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Mets Pen is Bull!!!

Man... it's hard being a Mets fan right now. I hate to be pessimistic about this team but nothing I am seeing right now has me believing they will survive and make the playoffs, let alone win the division. One day it's the lack of clutch hitting. Another day it's the lack of quality starts from the topline pitchers. And more recently and more alarmingly, it's been the lack of the bullpen to hold onto leads or keep the game close.

The last 2 games have been heartbreakers, first with Billy Wagner blowing the game on Friday and then Guillermo "Maybe I Should Have Stayed On The 'Roids" Mota surrendering a grand slam to Josh Willingham that put the Marlins ahead in yesterday's game. The Mets were able to fight back but then Aaron Heilman surrendered a two-run single to Miguel Cabrera... and that was that.

Let's face it, other than Billy Wagner, this ballpen has been horrible. After an all-star caliber first half, Pedro Feliciano has been easier to hit than Paris Hilton. So too for Aaron Heilman, Joe Smith (who is now in Triple-A), Mota, Scott Schoeneweis, Aaron Sele.... did I miss anyone? Wait that's damn there the whole freaking bullpen!

Jorge Sosa has looked good in his limited time so far as a reliever. I like what he's shown me. Maybe it's time to let him set up Wagner.

And what about Wagner? Honestly, I really can't get on the guy. Except for a few recent outings, the guy has pretty much been money. Well money in an Armando Benitez kind of way. Meaning, it seems like he has to walk a batter or give up a hit or two before he seals the deal. Whatever, as long as the end result is a victory, I'll take anything.

Here's what David Wright had to say:

"It's obviously easy as a fan to point a finger at the bullpen," said Wright, who homered twice and drove in three runs. "But our offense needs to do a better job providing a cushion. When we have these teams down, we have to bury them early in the game, and we're not doing that."

Well David I'm a fan and I'm pointing fingers. The bullpen sucks.

And speaking about the offense, they suck too. However, I'm going to state this once again. MLB NEEDS INSTANT REPLAY!!! Not only was Reyes safe last night on that slide home in the seventh inning... he was EASILY safe. Be it the Mets or any other team, I'm just tired of watching these inept umpires decide games with terrible calls. Come on Bud, step up to the plate on this one. Holla back.

I Told Y'all... Rick Ankiel Is A Beast!!!

Remember a month ago when I wrote a blog entry on the homerun prowess of one Mr. Rick Ankiel. Yes THAT Rick Ankiel, the one who was once a dominate pitcher for the Cardinals but then either through mechanical, or more likely, mental problems - could never throw a strike again in his life?

Well that guy was converted into an outfielder. And that guy was brought up recently by the Cardinals after Scott "Now We Know It Was The Drugs That Made You Color That Soul Patch On Your Chin Red" Spiezio was placed on the restricted list.

And what has that guy done in his 3 games since being called up? Try 3 homeruns, 2 in the game yesterday and a big 3-run homerun that put the game out of reach in his first game back as an outfielder. The guy is really trying his best to be Babe Ruth. Amazing.

This really is a pretty remarkable story. I say good luck to Rick Ankiel so long as he does nothing to hurt the Mets chances of making the playoffs or advancing in the playoffs.

Omar should trade for Ankiel and make him a starter again. Maybe Rick Peterson can fix his mechanics in 10 minutes like he said he could do with Victor Zambrano. Okay... maybe not. Holla back.