Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dayum, Rick Ankiel Is A Beast!

Yo Mets fans, remember back in 2000 when the Mets faced the Redbirds in the NLCS, and a young pitcher by the name of Rick Ankiel, who had been dominate all year basically, walked to the mound in Game 2 and promptly uncorked 5 incredibly wild pitches out of 20 and was yanked out of the game. Dude had a major case of Steve Blass disease, even worse than Knoblauch or Steve Sax. Remember that guy?

If not, here's a refresher:

Well it looks like that guy, Rick Ankiel, has somehow magically channelled the spirit of Babe Ruth and has turned into a pretty darned good hitter. Dude was converted into a center fielder and at Triple A right now for the Cardinals, he is hitting .286 with 19 homeruns, which leads the Pacific Coast League. That's crazy.

I say good luck to Ankiel, it was hard watching him struggle like that against the Mets back in 2000, I genuinely felt sorry for the guy.

(OK so what's the over/under that the first time he has a play at the plate, he throws the ball into the left field bleachers instead?).

Holla back.

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