Thursday, June 21, 2007

Damnnnn Ginaaaaa!

So anyway I was sitting home yesterday watching one of my favorite shows, Martin, starring Martin Lawrence. It just so happens that I have every show on DVD and occasionally break it out whenever I need a good laugh.

Anyway, in one of my favorite episodes, Martin can't find his new CD player so he goes on a witchhunt trying to figure out who stole it. He interrogates all of his friends and prances around the room with this fake dog of his. Then, come to find out, Bro'man from the 5th (4th, 3rd?) floor had it all along.

So what does this have to do with the Mets? Absolutely nothing. Although one could argue that a.) the Mets are just as comedic right now and b.) watching the Mets lose over and over again is like watching repeats of a '90s sitcom. After a while it gets old. As a matter of fact, the fake dog in that Martin clip showed more signs of life than this listless group. When will the madness stop?

So anyway the Mets lose 6-2 after taking a 2-1 lead early on in the game and then giving it right back. Torii Hunter is obviously looking to get paid big time, hitting the go ahead homerun off of Ollie P., continuing what has to be a career year for the impending free agent (can you say new Yankees center fielder?). The Twins never looked back after that.

This is the 6th straight series loss for the Mets and yet they still hold the lead in the N.L. East. So to say that they have been ridiculously lucky during this stretch is an understatement. To put this in context, NO TEAM has ever lost 6 consecutive series during the season and went on to win the World Series. So it's not looking good right now for the Mets to say the least.

Enough with the past, let's move on to the future. Up next, the Oakland A's. Let's go Mets. Game recap here. Holla back.


Dan in Texas said...

Mets Brotha, I don't see the Mets turning it around until they lose first place. Until then, it's wretched baseball.

MetsBrotha said...

It's almost unwatchable. Hopefully they'll turn it around soon.