Monday, June 18, 2007

Buehrle and Lidge To The Mets?

According to the Star Ledger in New Jersey, the Mets have inquired about both Mark Buehrle and Brad Lidge in recent days. Though the players they were willing to trade were not disclosed, one would have to think any potential deal starts and ends with either Gomez or Milledge.

Milledge or Gomez for Buehrle? I'd have to give that serious thought. Buehrle is only 28 and is a lefty. Edge (we all know how much I love the kid) is still an unproven commodity at this point as is Go Go Gomez. So the case can be made for trading Milledge or Gomez for Buehrle.

But check it out... as constituted now, the Mets, even with all of their recent struggles, are still 1 1/2 games in front of the Braves. Once the team heals up, and the middle of the order gets their act together, they should win the East or at least snatch up the wild card. This team is entirely too good not to.

So here's the problem in trading for Buehrle. Buehrle is a free agent after the year, and many are guessing that he may want to pitch for his hometown Cardinals. He may even give them a "hometown" discount. So it seems like he knows where he wants to be and it ain't Shea or Citifield.

That, my friends, is reason one why I say don't trade for him. It's essentially the same situation as last year when people were calling for the Mets to trade Milledge for Zito. Trade a player who could play in your outfield for the next 15 years for a 4 month rental that doesn't guarantee anything? Please. I'll pass.

I know, I know... nothing is guaranteed and both Milledge and Gomez could both turn out to be busts (can someone say Alex Escobar?). But I'd rather take two $380,000 gambles than a 9.5 million prorated gamble on a #3 starter you may only have for 4 months and probably have to sign to a $90 million contract just to keep (especially with the market for pitchers being what it is nowadays).

As for Lidge, I can't possibly see the Mets trading Lasto or Gomez for him. Right now he's a setup guy trying to find his rhythm as a closer again. On this team, he's a setup guy. Setup guys do not covet your top prospects. Now if it were Roy Oswalt...

Humber for Buehrle? Maybe. Gomez or Milledge? Hell to the naw. Holla back.

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