Sunday, June 17, 2007

295... and counting

Just some short thoughts on yesterday's game.

First off, Mets lose 11-8. Glavine is still stuck on 295 and by the looks of things, he'll be there for a while. Sorry but a 84 mph fastball with no location is the thing of A-ballers.

The thing is, Glavine is his worst enemy right now. The Mets are giving him leads in these ballgames, he's just giving them right back. He's really starting to look old.

For a minute I thought maybe, just maybe the Mets would pull it out in the 9th. Mets get the bases loaded, then Gomez hits a single off Rivera's leg, followed by another single up the middle by J-Hova, Jose Reyes.

So the stage is set, Mets down 11-8. Bases loaded. Beltran at the plate. And what does he do?

First pitch, pops out to end the game.

Now what bugs me most about this is that the guy has been staring at first pitches right down the middle for about 2 weeks now. Balls he could have easily crushed. So he picks THIS situation to finally swing at one, a cutter from Mo. Not to mention, he probably should have taken a page from Reyes' book and hit righty against Rivera since THE WHOLE WORLD knows that Rivera is tougher on lefties. So to sum it, Beltran sucks.

Delgado got a few meaningless hits today but nothing that leaves me convinced that he's anywhere near getting out of his slump.

Don't look now, but Go Go Gomez is hitting .275 with 7 steals in 69 at bats. That's only 5 steals behind Jimmy Rollins and a 50 steal pace for an entire season. The future looks really bright for him.

So next up is Wang vs. El Duque. Rubber match. All I can say is... let's go Mets!

Here's the game recap. Holla back.

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