Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On Vacation...

Not the Mets... unfortunately.

No no, MetsBrotha himself is off for a little rest and relaxation. I'll be away until Monday but I will try my best to keep you updated on the latest happenings.

See ya then!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mets Take 3 of 4 - Mission Accomplished

I love it when my predictions come true. Makes me feel all tingly inside.

As predicted, the Mets take 3 of 4 after losing today, 5-3, to the Phillies. Also as predicted, the Mets are stymied by yet another rookie pitcher, Kyle Kendrick. What is it about this team when it comes to these rookie pitchers? They just can't hit 'em. Weird.

Here's the game recap.

Here's what I take from this series. Beltran was awesome hitting multiple homeruns in back-to-back games. May be time for him to break out and go on one of those hot streaks he's famous for.

Delgado showed signs of life with a couple of homers in the series. Maybe that gets him jumpstarted.

John Maine is definitely my "main man" after the performance he put on against Cole Hamels. Dude definitely deserves to be on the All-Star team.

Jorge Sosa's value this season has been understated. For a 5th starter, the guy has been incredible. He provided a bit of stability and certainty to the pitching staff...

...Which is why his injury hurts the team big time. Let's face it, Pelfrey needs work and not at the big league level. Throwing Pelfrey out there every 5 games is a shaky proposition at best.

How hurt is Oliver Perez? He's a young guy with no really chronic injuries in his past so I think the back issue probably isn't too serious.

So the Mets gain ground on the Phillies which is all you can ask for. Hopefully they'll keep it up. Holla Back.