Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some Second Half Thoughts

The Mets have gone through some significant changes since the all star break. So here are my thoughts on them.

1. Firing of Rick Downs, hiring of Ricky Henderson and the promotion of Howard Johnson.
  • Downs and Randolph were close so this may put a divide between Willie and Omar. That concerns me some. I know Willie is the ultimate professional, but it still scares me. But this is further proof that the boss in NY is definitely Omar. No questions about it.

2. Hiring of Ricky Henderson.

  • I don't usually question Omar, but I am not sure about this. Ricky was never exactly what you would call a team player. He would not call him a clubhouse cancer, because he was a lot like Manny is right now. A great player with odd behavior that other players don't really take seriously. But as a coach he needs to be someone who commands the respect of the players. So I will take a wait and see approach.

3. Milledge to the bigs.

  • I am excited about this one. We all know the talent is there. I know people question his attitude, but I like the cockiness and mean streak he brings. I think the Mets are in desperate need of it. If he can play hard and behave the right way around teammates then his personality could benefit the Mets. I think what he has gone through this year has humbled him a bit and will benefit him in the long run. And I haven't even mention what he brings to the field. He fits into Willie's philosophy of playing aggressive baseball and he is a 5 tool player that can add stability to a lineup that needs it. He lengthens the lineup and provides some much needed fresh legs during the dog days of summer.

The team that we started the year with is very different from the one we have now. And with the recent changes combined with the impending return of Pedro and any trades Omar makes, this may be a different team in just two weeks. Either way it will be an exciting summer.

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dave said...

I completely agree with your perspective on all 3 points. I'm not sold on Rickey being a coach in the big leagues, especially if he's helping "mold" Lasting Milledge. Talk about a guy who always looked out for #1, that's Rickey Henderson.

So far Milledge is playing well and it's exciting to see. Let's hope he stays healthy.