Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm Back! And So Is L-Millz

It looks like Lastings Milledge will be recalled to the big squad after the All-Star break:

Lastings Milledge could be the Mets' leftfielder when the team returns from the All-Star break Thursday.

From The Greenwich Time website:

Milledge went 3-for-5 yesterday after going 2-for-5 with a triple and two RBIs Saturday night for Double-A Binghamton as he continues his rehab assignment from a sprained foot ligament. The 22-year-old seemed to be buried on the Mets' organizational depth chart before getting hurt, but injuries to Moises Alou, Endy Chavez and Carlos Gomez have helped raise his profile.

"The good thing is he's playing," manager Willie Randolph said. "Got a triple [Saturday] night and made a nice diving catch, someone said, so that's all positive stuff. By the time we get back from the break he'll have six, seven games under his belt and we'll look at it and see where he is."


Great. Let's wish Lastings well, the Mets really need his right-handed bat in the lineup. Plus the guy has so many nicknames - L. Millz, Lasto, Edge... he's like a hard-hitting, flyball catching version of Jay-Z (who is also known as Hova, Hovito, S "Dot" Carter, etc.) It's safe to assume Jay-Z is the better rapper though. Milledge should probably leave the rapping to the experts. Holla Back.


Tommy said...

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Dan in Texas said...

Welcome back MetsBrotha!

I can't wait to see what Lastings brings to Shea this year. I really hope this guy can take the next step and turn into the player we thought he would.

He is going to face media critism no matter what he does but he might as well just learn to block it out.

Lets go Mets!