Monday, July 16, 2007

A Lastings Effect

The Mets took 3 of 4 from the hapless Cincinatti Reds this weekend and L-Millz, Lastings Milledge, was a big reason for it. In all of the Mets wins, Milledge either scored the key run, hit the key run, or got a key basehit. Even in the Mets 8-4 loss on Friday, Milledge hit a bomb off of Mike "Where'd My Fastball Go" Stanton that gave the Mets some life late in the game.

So L-Millz is doing his thing thing. That's what's up. As Notre Rican noted in his blog entry, maybe the enthusiasm and semi-cockiness that Lastings brings to the table is just what the Mets need to jumpstart them in the second half. So far, so good.

I have a bone to pick with Willie Randolph though. First, why are you getting on Milledge for making a perfect slide that won you the ballgame? We all know that those things are instinctive. Milledge felt like he needed to make that slide... and it turns out that it worked. If you want to make the point that he could have slid and created contact then fine, but to imply that what he did was wrong is very shortsighted. Willie needs to calm down with that one.

Secondly, hitting David Newhan 7th and Milledge 8th is downright unacceptable. I mean, what has Newhan done this year other than NOT get a hit? The guy is batting a cool .200 on the season. Plus, by hitting Milledge directly in front of the pitcher's spot, it almost guarantees that he will see little to nothing to hit... which is probably the worst thing you want to do with a young ballplayer. But then again, Glavine is probably a better hitter than Newhan so if Milledge hit in front of Newhan that's almost the same as hitting him in front of the pitcher. Guess Willie's hands are tied with that one lol.

I really think Willie just doesn't like Milledge. It's sorta like New School vs. Old School. Remember how your parents would freak out when you started listening to hip hop, sagging your pants, wearing baggy jeans and talking all sorts of crazy slang? Okay maybe that was just me but the point is, the older heads always think their way is the right way. And if someone doesn't follow their way, they are quickly deemed to be "a problem." But things have changed, it's a new era and kids don't act like they did 20 years ago. Once Willie accepts that fact then I think he'll finally accept Milledge. But for some reason I see another Victor Diaz situation on the horizon.

A few more thoughts about the weekend. Ollie P. looked great which is good news for the Mets. Ruben Gotay continues to smack the ball around and Beltran and Delgado continue to smack thin air. The boo birds keep getting louder and louder for those two. Pretty soon the boos are going to sound just as loud as all those 747s that fly over Shea Stadium.

Next up, the San Diego Padres. This is a pretty good test for the Mets. The Padres have a great pitching staff and with the way the Mets have been hitting, I can easily see them being stymied by this group. However, if the Mets start hitting against Peavy and the gang, it would do wonders for the team's confidence.

So all I can say is Let's Go Mets! Holla Back.


MetsGrrl said...

Someone made the point a few weeks ago that Willie benched Reyes because he could. I think that maybe he reprimands Lastings because he can, even though he'd like to give similar types of warnings to other, more veteran players. But he can't.

MetsBrotha said...

It's funny, when Torre wants to make a point he goes after the veterans. When Willie wants to make a point he goes after the young guys. Personally, I think Willie gives the vets more credit and leeway than they deserve... and gives the young guys less credit for their successes. Where would this team be without Reyes, Wright, Gomez Gotay and recently, Milledge? But watch - Valentine will get the nod over Gotay, Alou and/or Green over Milledge and Gomez and he'll keep babying Delgado by saying he's fine.