Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Offense? What Offense?

The Padres are the worst hitting team in baseball. But you would never know it judging by how awful the Mets looked last night, and have looked pretty much for the whole season.

The Mets lost last night 5-1, getting shut down once again by Dave "I had too many shots at my local drinking" Wells. Is he the John Daily of baseball or what?

Carlos Beltran... well... let's just say he hasn't performed up to his expectations. Okay, THE GUY FREAKING SUCKS!!! Here's a number for you: .121

What's that? Oh that's just Smelltran’s average with runners in scoring position and two outs (He's 4 for 33 in those situations). And to think, the Mets thought they were getting a clutch hitter when they signed him to that 7-year $119M contract. Remember the 2004 playoffs with Houston? Even Smelltran has to wonder whatever happened to THAT guy.

I like how Willie moved Milledge out of the 8 hole last night. However, I don't think Milledge is a good fit in the 2 hole... at least not yet. Just put Lo Duca back in the 2 spot and stop all of this experimenting, Willie! If it ain't broke don't fix it. Lo Duca doesn't strikeout and he knows how to handle the bat. You can hit and run, bunt, and let Reyes go hog wild on the bases with Lo Duca at the plate. Milledge is probably a better fit at 6 or 7 on this team.

As much as I'm really turned off by Moises "the hypochondriac" Alou, I must admit, his right-handed bat is something the Mets could desperately use right about now. When he gets back I'd slot him in the 5 hole, push Delgado to 6, Milledge/Green 7, and Gotay 8.

So another lackluster game offensively for the Mets. And tonight, Super Jake Peavy is on the hill for the Padres. What's the Vegas odds for a no-hitter from Peavy tonight? My bet's on Peavy. Holla back.


Notre Rican said...

I am with you on Lo Duca batting second. That is where he does the most damage. You are wasting his ability batting him lower in the lineup because he cannot not drive in a lot of runs, but is a very good situational hitter. Also, having Lo Duca batting second lengthens the lineup some.

Anonymous said...

mets suck. cubs are on FIRE!!! watch out mets cause you ain't gonna win a world series if you have to go thru the cubbies!! i'm going to the game on saturday, it's our 6th year anniversary.