Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome Back Marlon; Franco Slammed

The Mets have finally shipped David Newhan back to where he rightly belongs (Triple A)... and brought back an old friend. Marlon Anderson was signed by the Mets and will compete with Gotay and Valentin for time at 2nd base. Definitely a good move if it's a straight Newhan for Anderson swap. At best, David Newhan was a poor man's "Super" Joe McEwing... which really isn't saying much. Marlon Anderson is just the type of veteran/role player that Willie loves to have on his team. Plus who can forget all of the clutch hits Anderson had for the Metropolitans back in 2005. The guy was clutch. Let's hope he still has it.

Now on to this Franco thing... wow, who knew? Check this out:

From The Journal News:

Manager Willie Randolph said Franco should get more playing time with the Braves, and the reason he didn't with the Mets was a .200 average.

"If you play, you have to produce. That clubhouse stuff is overrated," said Randolph, who volunteered the information unsolicited.

Jose Valentin offered up that Franco was a less than eager participant in the club's pregame stretching.

However, what irked some players was Franco wouldn't hesitate to get in the face of some of the younger players about doing their jobs when he was hitting .200 with one homer with the Mets.

"To be a leader for me, it's not enough to talk all the time," Valentin said. "You have to go out and do it yourself."


Wow. Now that's VERY surprising. The whole time I was under the assumption that everyone just loved Julio Franco and his "veteran leadership." Come to find out, Willie thought he was overrated and Valentin didn't respect him. And Valentin isn't the type to slam a player so this must be a sentiment that is shared with at least a few more Mets in the clubhouse. Wow.

And of course "Larrrrry" and the Tomahawk Choppers from Atlanta promptly picked him up and signed him. Honestly, I say that's great news for the Mets. Can't wait to see him return to Shea in a Braves uniform so I can watch him swing late at an 88 mph fastball from El Duque. I think I have more bat speed than Franco right about now. Holla Back.

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dave said...

I have to laugh at Jose Valentin talking smack about Julio Franco. It's something we all felt, but for an active player to come out and say it is pretty funny. What took them so long to get rid of him?