Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Down With O.P.P.?

Yes... Stray-Rod, God himself (also known as Derek Jeter) and the rest of the team with the jailhouse pinstripes are hot as a firecracker right now. They've won 9 straight against the cream of Major League Baseball - the Pirates, White Sox and the Diamondbacks (I'm trying really hard to keep from laughing).

(Quick side note - Whenever I see that photo of A-Rod "thrusting" himself into Jeter and Jeter making that "ouch big daddy" face, I can't help but picture P. Diddy somewhere in the background whispering "take that, take that, take that.")

OK let's state the obvious. The Mets right now...errrr.....let's just say they aren't playing too well. We know this. But what better remedy for a losing streak than beating the red-hot Yankees in their god-awful building 2 out of 3. Can it happen? Absolutely.

Here me out. First off, we have Roger "how in the world has he avoided all of the steroid speculations" Clemens pitching game 1 against "El Loco" Oliver Perez. Here's a fact - the Mets absolutely kill Roger Clemens. To say we pwn him is putting it lightly. Clemens is 3-5 with a 5.09 ERA against the Mets in 10 regular-season starts. To me, Clemens is like Armando Benitez. Really good when nothing's on the line, but come any big games or the playoffs... wildly overrated. Plus Ollie P. has already slayed the mighty beast once this season so it's not impossible to think he could do it again.

But the way the Mets are playing right now Oliver Perez is liable to jump over the first base line, trip over a broken bat tossed in his direction by Roger Clemens, break his left arm and be out for the rest of the season.

Still, I'm liking the Mets chances in this one. You down with O.P.P.? Oliver Perez's Pitching? I am. Mets win game 1, 4-3.

Game 2 - Glavine vs. Clippard. The Mets ALWAYS have problems against pitchers that they've never faced before. That explains why Clippard looked like the second-coming of Tom Seaver in their first meeting. However, does anyone honestly think Clippard will dominate the Mets like he did the first time the Mets faced him? In the words of Whitney Houston, "Oh hell to the naw." Glavine scares me but I still think the Mets have the advantage in this game. My prediction? Mets win game 2, 6-4.

Game 3... now this one is tricky. I know we don't want to admit it Mets fans but Wang is good. Wang already is what Mike Pelfrey is trying to be. A pitcher with a heavy sinker that batters just beat in the ground like Ike beat Tina (thanks Biggie). But El Duque is big time in situations like this. Unfortunately, his last time out doesn't really leave me too encouraged. So as they say, you can't win 'em all. Yankees win 5-1.

Looks like the Mets Geek is thinking just like me on this one.

So there you go, it's that easy. The Mets take 2 of 3 and away we go. "Losing streak over... Subway Series over... the Mets win... Daaaaaaaaa Mets win!"

Holla Back.

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