Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Ok this is getting out of hand. In case you're just getting the news, the Mets lost AGAIN. WTF? I mean seriously, anyone watching the game tonight can not feel too good about this team at the moment. First thing I noticed... John Maine's fastball is a thing of beauty when it's rising through the zone and riding inside on right-handed hitters. This is what makes him effective, the sneaky speed on his fastball.

However, when the fastball levels out... oh boy. I mean, 3 straight homeruns to the 7, 8, and 9 hitters tonight? And not only that, the freaking Dodger pitcher, Kuo, smacks a homerun off of Maine, tosses his bat like he's Babe Ruth reincarnated and then takes a nice little stroll around the bases. So what do you think happens the next time he comes up? Nothing. Not even a brushback from Maine for showing him up. Come on Mets, show some cajones. I think that would have been just what this team needed to breathe some life into this bunch.

So there you go - Mets lose 4-1. The only bright spot? Well David Wright continues to smack the ball around. 14 game hitting streak. Sweet. Oh and Carlos Gomez is one fast mofo. I like the kid. And say what y'all want about Lastings Milledge, but the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the field is something this lackluster team could use right now. Can't wait for him to heal up and get called back up, especially since Moises "Aaachooo" (you know, cuz he's hurt or sick all the damn time) is looking older than Julio Franco. Holla back.


MetsBrotha said...

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Dan in Texas said...

You said it man, I thought I was one of the few that has't giving up on Lasting "The Truth" Milledge. I think Stings has gotten a bad rap from the Media and unfair comparisons to Strawberry. I would really like to see a healthy Lasting patroling one of the corners so Gomez can go back to AAA and fine tune his game. When will this godawful slump end?

Good to see another good Mets Blog. Good luck!

MetsBrotha said...

Thanks Dan. Make sure to spread the good word. Right now I'm testing things out but once I work out all of the kinks, I promise you the blog will be a rich experience for everyone. Thnx for showing MetsBrotha some love.

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