Saturday, June 16, 2007

"The" Most Electrifying Player In Major League Baseball

"Joseeeeee Jose Jose Joseeeee... Joseeee, Joseeee!"

"Can you smellllllllllllllllllll... what'"

What more can I say? Jose laid the smacketh downeth last night going 3 for 3 with 3 stolen bases and a MONSTER homerun off the facing of the upper deck in left field. Wow. For some reason, Clemens threw J-Hova a curveball(?) that hung in the air longer than a red-eye flight. "Hovito" smacked the cover off the ball and had a little grin on his face as he trotted around the basepaths. We all know Jose gets a bit homer happy once he gets one so let's hope this last blast doesn't go to his head.

Make no mistake though, from an offensive standpoint, Reyes single-handedly won the game last night, accounting for all of the runs scored and providing countless other opportunities for his teammates to drive him in.

But when those teammates are Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado... boy I tell ya. How many pitches down the middle of the plate will Beltran just stare at this year? He lets too many pitches in his wheel house just flutter past him. Swing the freakin' bat!

And Carlos numero dos? Delgado? Well he was 4 for 4... in strikeouts. Dude had more K's than a Klan convention. Right now Delgado is looking like a nerd in a room full of virgin supermodels - he couldn't hit it if he wanted to. 4 strikeouts? Here's a golden sombrero for you mi amigo.

Now let's talk about Carlos the 3rd. Carlos "Go Go" Gomez. This kid is the truth. Check it out. First, Gomez bunts his way on in the 3rd inning. And it wasn't even close. I'm starting to believe those rumors that he may actually be faster than Reyes. Then, he steals 2nd which allows him to score on a little punch single up the middle by Reyes.

But the play of the night happened in the 4th inning. Miguel Cairo hits one deep to left field and for some reason the ball kept carrying and carrying. Gomez, fighting off at least 5 Jeffrey Maier wannabees, leaps up and snatches the ball, lands and then throws a MISSLE back to second base that doubles off Hideki Matsui. A defensive gem. Like I said, this kid is the truth.

Oh and what can I say about Ollie P.? I asked y'all yesterday if you were down with O.P.P. and what was Perez's response? "Yeah you know me!"

After some shaky innings early on, Perez settled in and straight dominated the Yankees, retiring 12 straight until giving up a double to Jeter in the bottom of the 8th. 7 1/3 shutout innings from "El Loco"? I'll take that any night.

Funny thing from last night - Ollie P. is pitching to Matsui in the 6th. For some strange reason he drops down Joe Smith style and fires a pitch to Matsui that Matsui fouls off. The camera shot zooms in on Rick Peterson and all you see is Peterson drop his head like "No No No what are you doing, Ollie!" Classic.

Speaking of Joe Smith, he pwns A-Rod. He comes into the game, runner on second and Pay-Rod represents the tying run. Smith promptly gets Mr. "foot-in-mouth disease" to ground to Wright, ending the inning. Gotta love the kid's guts.

Then Wagner comes in and 1-2-3, "Ballgame over, 5-game losing streak over, the Mets win, theeeeeeeeeeee Mets win!"

Now only if Tom Glavine can step it up tonight...

(Big-ups and shoutouts to Greg Schiano, coach of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team, for throwing out the first pitch in last night's game. Keep choppin' wood baby!)

Holla back.

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