Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mets Lose... Again

Hmmm a Penny for my thoughts? THIS is the team that's supposed to have the best offense in the National League? Oh and don't look now, but the Phillies are only 2 games back. I'm not too worried about them though - their bullpen sucks, their park is a joke and they have no closer. However... they do have a formidable lineup at the top (with a REAL number 2 hitter by the way). I mean seriously what does Willie have against Lo Duca? The guy did a great job in the 2 hole for the team last year. If it ain't broke don't try and fix it. He does the little things and doesn't strike out which is key for a number 2 hitter.

Something strange from last night... Brad Penny strikes out Shawn Green with some 97 mph high heat. Then he walks all the way up to the batter's box to say something to Green. Green gives him this look like "Huh" and then they both go to their dugouts. Very strange.

Here's my guess as to what Penny said to Green:

  • "Dude, we f*cking pwn you guys right now"

  • "Dude, did you see that? Obviously you didn't the way you swung at that high cheese. Hah!"

  • "Dude, Alyssa Milano is blogging about this right now. Can you believe it? She's so freaking hot"

  • "Dude, why does Willie have you batting number 2? You can't bunt, you're slower than Lo Duca and you look stupid with no hair"

You guys can thank me later for that picture link ;)

Ok back to the game. Here's a positive - D. Wright's hit streak is now at 15 games. Nice to see him turn it around after that slow start.

So anyway, that's a 9-1 loss and an MLB-worst 2-10 record in June. Here's the game recap if you feel like throwing up. Holla back.

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Anonymous said...

shawn green is faster than lo duca any day...but i agree that he shouldnt be in the 2 hole..i think he should bat 6 or 7.