Monday, June 25, 2007

Run Reyes Run!

The value of Jose "J-Hova" Reyes to the Mets CANNOT be understimated.

Let me paint the scene for you...

Top of the first. Jose Reyes at the plate. Mets need to sweep the A's in the worst way to regain the positive vibes and optimism that have them on top of the National League East.

So the pitch comes in. And boom, Hovito smacks a soft fly down the right field line.

Motoring all the whole way, you could see Jose's eyes light up like Times Square when Jack Cust began lumbering after the ball. The ball drops in. Jose was headed for second and nothing was going to stop him.

Hova rounds first, legs moving like a locomotive. Cust retrieves the ball and hurls it like a missile towards second. But there was no throwing out Reyes. As he slid, the ball sailed into left field. Once again, Reyes could smell blood.

He pounced from his slide like a tiger in pursuit of his prey. Jose's prey was home plate. And there would be no denying him of his feast.

He kept running, and running, and running, rounding third.

Would he make it? Could he possibly score on a soft fly into right field?

Of course he can. He's Jose Reyes. THE Most Electrifying Player in Major League Baseball. Can you smellllllllllllll... what Jose.... is... cooking....

And the sweep was on. Welcome back Mets, we missed ya these last few weeks.

Holla Back.

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