Monday, April 14, 2008

They're Not Focused Mannnnnnnn!!!!

Right now the Mets are like a cloudy lense on a 10-year old Canon camera. Out of focus and the picture ain't too pretty.

Case in point. With a 6-2 lead in the fourth inning of Sunday's game against the Brew Crew, my main man (not to be confused with Maine, man lol) Ollie P. heads to the mound and promptly implodes. He's only able to go 4 and 1/3 innings and gives up 6 runs.

Here's my thing... if he had been throwing strikes and the Brewers were just giving him the bidness, I can deal with that. But he wasn't throwing strikes. He was trying to be cute on the field like Madonna in League of Their Own. There's no crying in baseball, Ollie!

The funny thing is the Mets can survive a blowup from Ollie P. every once in a while. I mean it's sorta inevitable with the guy.

What they can't survive, however, is their total lack of cojones in clutch situations. As I noted before, the only player who has shown any ability to hit in the clutch this year is Angel Pagan. And when a guy who wasn't even projected to make the club out of spring training is your best clutch hitter... well... in the immortal words of the Apollo 13 crew - "Houston, we have a problem."

Same game that Ollie blows up, the Mets hit into 5 double plays. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

No. New York, WE have a problem. Jose, Jose Jose Jose is on the mend and wasn't showing too much life anyway. Beltran, as good as he is, still baffles me with some of the pitches he lets whiz past him. Delgado, while looking better than he did last year, is still showing signs of slowing down. D. Wright has been OK but nothing special.

So in comes the Nats. Lo Duca has been spitting off at the mouth. Milledge is motivated to play against his former team. Looks like a couple of babies are just asking for a good old-fashioned spanking. It's time for the Mets to pump it up and get focused.

Tell 'em Joey:

Holla back.

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