Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ripple Effect

Well, one of my worst fears has come true. Pedro is on the DL for at least a month. The question I have been asking myself is what is the ripple effect of Pedro's injury. 
  • Rotation Depth - I mentioned before the lack of rotation depth the Mets have and how that may be an issue for the team. While I am ok with Pelfrey as a fifth starter since that starter does not pitch in the postseason, I am not crazy about him as the number four. Also, El Duque is not someone we can rely on to be healthy. And with the trade for Santana, the Mets do not arms that can step in from the higher levels. No we have question 4th and 5th starters.
  • Possible Impact on the farm system. How will Omar address this issue?  Will he can go out and trade another young player for a fifth starter. That may be a bit costly considering the lack of talent at the higher levels of the farm system. I am not crazy about trading the young arms at AA. 
  • Attitude - I have said it before. Martinez brings a certain level of nastiness that this team really needs. It was missing last year and was a big factor in the collapse. The Mets will need this if they expect to be contenders. 
We will not see the full effect of this injury until we know how Pelfrey will respond and how El Duque bounces back. Hopefully the lineup will pick up the slack and score some runs. But this is not how I wanted the season to start.

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