Monday, April 7, 2008

It's a Marathon, People!

So the Mets lose 2 games to the Braves over the weekend, with Maine getting hammered on Saturday and Texeira hitting a pop-fly homerun to seal the deal for the Braves on Sunday (where's Endy Chavez and his hops when you need them?). By all accounts, it was pretty bad for the Mets.

But guess what Mets fans? THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!!! SO CALM DOWN!!!!

I seriously don't get the logic of some "fans". We're only 5 games into the season and I've heard everything from "Willie needs to get fired" and "Maine is a joke," to "Reyes parties too much," and "Beltran can't take the bat off his shoulder." (OK I agree with that last one).

Don't believe me? Turn on WFAN today and listen to some of the silliness both Mets and Yankees fans spew on air. Must we forget that there are still 157 games left to be played. Seriously, get some perspective people!

So for the last time, IT'S A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT!!! The Mets will be fine people.

I think....

Holla back.

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